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Our quality policy

In our company, a preventive action-oriented quality management system is implemented based on the results of risk analysis.

- Our company, which has ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certificate, BMC A.Ş. It is the supplier of many leading companies in the sector, especially in the sector.

The positive data we obtained in the customer satisfaction measurement process proves that our quality management system has achieved its purpose and is being implemented effectively.

Our quality policy :

- Our basic principle is to ensure customer satisfaction with a customer-oriented approach.
In this context,

-We will constantly strive for the continuous development, improvement and effectiveness of the quality management system,

-We will work with targets and we will show maximum effort to reach these targets,

- By cooperating with our suppliers, we will ensure that the inputs are supplied with high quality, economically and quickly,

-We will ensure the participation of all employees in the quality management system and create a team spirit,

We will ensure that activities that continuously improve and increase the education level of the employees are carried out.

We Commit...

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