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About Us

 As Yılmaz Plastik, we are a company operating in the plastics industry since 1981. We serve a wide range of products mainly to the automotive, furniture and medical sectors in a 2000 square meter closed area in our two facilities located in İzmir Bornova and Pınarbaşı.

  Our main product groups include rocker covers, various rigging, gear knobs, water expansion tanks, brake hydraulic tanks, steering covers, propellers, fuel tank strainers, signal lamps,  furniture accessories, medical supplies and air-conditioning materials and pool parts.

  Our company, which has ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management system certificate, is the "A" class supplier of many leading companies in their sectors.

  Our company has taken the main principle of providing maximum customer satisfaction with its 40 years of experience, effective quality management system and customer-oriented approach.

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